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We are very proud of our multipurpose building that was built to serve as much more than just a township hall.

This project was envisioned by the late Representative Tim Osmond and Supervisor Steve Smouse as a way to share property and assets: to build a building that not only would serve as an administrative center for both, but also to serve the community and seniors in the area as well.

Antioch Township multipurpose building

Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting

Illinois State Representative JoAnn Osmond and Antioch Township Supervisor Steve Smouse take part in a ribbon cutting event to kickoff the upcoming youth football season.

Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting

New Township Officials

Back: Trustee Peter Grant, Trustee Tom Shaughnessy, Trustee Steve Turner, Supervisor Steve Smouse, Trustee Judy Davis, and Highway Commissioner Mark Ring
Front: Township Clerk Anita Merkel Dyer

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Antioch Township Transit Services

Understanding the growing needs of transportation for seniors and the disabled, yet realizing the high costs of such a program. Antioch, Grant, and Lake Villa Townships have come together in a joint effort to serve their residents with the Township Transit Program.

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Township Supervisor Stephen Smouse

From the Desk of Steve Smouse, Township Supervisor: (UPDATE: May 15th, 2015)

As we transition from Spring into Summer, the financial news from the State of Illinois grows worse and worse. The basis for these problems amounts to only one thing: money was spent that wasn't there, and those who spent that money simply passed the problem on to another generation. Their justification in doing so was that passing the debt forward was the right thing to do.

In a very upsetting move, both Springfield and Lake County have decided that the new "key to financial reform" is to try to eliminate smaller, more efficient, government units -- elected by local taxpayers, in favor of large government take over and control. These actions, if left unchecked, will serve no other benefit than to create ever increasing, and out of control, costs.

Preventing small governments, such as Antioch Township, from EVER raising taxes when the State is not held to the same requirement is laughable. Antioch Township has frozen the tax rate for the last 4 years and we are still in the black, but we must reserve the right to raise the tax under the 4.99 % limit due to emergency or rising costs.

As part of their ploy to take over local government bodies, Lake County seems to want to take over the township assessors offices. The management price per parcel, quoted by Lake County, is MORE than the Antioch Township Assessors office is costing now. In addition to higher fees, the suggested changes don't even take into consideration the fact that Township residents are currently dealing with our friendly staff here in Antioch and the fact that, if Lake County takes over the administration of the Township's property taxes, then everyone will be dealing with people they don't know in Waukegan.

Large government is bankrupt in Illinois. Lets not lose our efficient local governments to political gobbledygook that will cost more and provide less service.

Steve Smouse
Antioch Township Supervisor

When Tunder Roars, Go Indoors!

How much do you know about lightning safety? Check out the National Weather Service's Lightning Safety Myths and Facts to learn more!

Pet Lost and Found

Antioch Township is also proud to partner with the Lake County Health Department's Lost and Found Pet Service!  People who have lost pets in Lake County can submit photos for posting. People who have found pets and want to return them to their owners can also submit photos.


Antioch Township Supervisor, Steve Smouse and Township Trustee Peter Grant meet with Bruce N. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Nicasa

Antioch Township Supervisor, Steve Smouse and Township Trustee Peter Grant
meet with Bruce N. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Nicasa

Antioch Township is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nicasa.

Antioch Township Supervisor, Steve Smouse and Township Trustee Peter Grant met today with Bruce N. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Nicasa to join forces in assisting at-risk families in Antioch Township.

More information is available on the Nicasa website.

Share the Road!

Share the Road:  Click here to download a copy of "Bicycle Rules of the Road"

We're seeing more and more bicyclists on the roads in Antioch Township. Safe riding requires that both the cyclists and motor vehicle drivers know the rules of the road.  

Ensure your safety by making certain you're familiar with the rules, have proper safety equipment, and working headlights and taillights by downloading copies of the brochures:

from the Secretary of State's Cyberdrive website.

Ride safe, and Share the Road!

Passport Applications

Passport applications are now being accepted at the Township Offices. An appointment is required.

Call (847) 395-3378, today, to schedule your your appointment and get more information. Passport applications take between 4 and 6 weeks to process, so don't procrastinate!


SWALCO Recycling Bin

As part of a new clothing and textiles community-wide recycling program, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, has bins placed throughout Lake County.

The recycling project is the culmination of research done by SWALCO officials on how much of the county’s textiles end up getting thrown out versus repurposing them.

Merlanne Rampale, SWALCO director of community outreach, said that 85 percent of unwanted clothing and textiles end up in landfills, like the one located in Grayslake. She added that the average person throws away 70 pounds of textiles each year.

“I knew the number would be high, but I didn't know that it would be this high,” Rampale said of the amount of textiles that can now avoid that fate and instead be recycled via one of the 13 bins that are located at sites such as park districts, city hall offices, fire stations and public works facilities in Fox Lake, Grayslake, Gurnee, Mundelein, North Chicago, Lake Barrington, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park, Vernon Hills, Warren Township, Wauconda and Zion."

The recycling bins are just the first tier of the program, Rampale said. Tier 2 will ask of organizations such as libraries, schools and community groups to help with the collection of these items by holding one-day, week-long or permanent textile and clothing drives that can be dropped off at SWALCO or picked up by SWALCO officials.

“Ninety-five percent of what we collect will be repurposed and recycled,” Rampale said. “It’s such a win-win for our community and our planet.”

To read the original article, please click on the recycling bin show above.



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